My child,the fasting prescribed by the religion is yearly done.Why not in addition, do the spiritual fasting,practice it in Ramadhan so you might gain some insight..and this will continue all yr life.!!Inwardly and outwardly needed to be done for the sake of Allah.Let Allah's love be in our senses,thoughts,our heart.Feel only His love in everything we see,received and we act upon  His love,sharing and spreading !Our heart and mind must be in One state, other than this, break the fast (we are doing for His love,In His love,through His love ~ this is the true meaning,~ for the sake of Allah).If you break the fast,return to His love and revive that wish and intention."Allah,anta maksuudi,wa redzhoka mathluubi."If yr intention is clear and sincere,you would feel the sweetness,and the Truth revealed.Then the victory or Hari Raya/Big Day is worth celebrated.!!This is mama's wish...that Allah would include me and you ....to be united in LOVE......only His love.
Terima Kasih Allah...Raikan Cinta !!!