The word Mahabbah (Allah's love) is only and most befitting of Allah.His love when bestowed upon the ' chosen one' (Khawass),settled in the soul and began to emanate from the one,as light emanates from the sun.Its beautiful fragrance would attract the people to him and make them love him.This occurs when Allah loves oneself.
As for the word Hubb (seed from Habba) is more widely used in mankind. When human shows love to one another, it does not penetrate the beloved,such that others then begin to love them also.  So, it was only right to use different words to express these different types of love.

(When Allah sees His love in AHMAD ,it is His Mahabbah in the 'Meem'. Planted in Adam,  is the seed (Hubb) from Habba, but the holy spirit of "Meem'(Mahabbah) in AHMAD is kept secret deep in the heart and soul.It is our duty to purify our heart and make our intention and wish sincere, just for the sake of Allah.That Holy Spirit (AHMAD),is the only One who knows the true path to Allah and may he guides us to Him.)



Allah wills to see Himself so in  ~ AHMAD, He sees Himself. He is AHAD ~ One/Only/Alone and the 'Meem' in AHAD is His Love,His Heart ~ Mahabba  from the word Habba (in arabic) meaning love. Hub is the seed from Habba.In other words,one seed when planted, multiples.
We are from 'Meem',so does all creation.The 'Meem' in AHMAD contains all the good attributes, belonging to Allah. AHMAD is the Holy spirit in us but in Muhamad s.a.w. ,he is AHMAD without "meem',because he, the 'meem' came to the earth plane (in person),as Rasullullah (the messenger).
That is why Muhammad is Insan Al Kamil or the Perfect One because all of Allah's attribute is in him.So now, that 'Meem' is explain or revealed...we are Allah's' Heart',containing only His love ~ Mahabba...and doing the duty of planting the seed of Hub from Habba  so as to multiply His Love,and thus became Mahabbat in ourselves.As said by Allah.."Nothing can contain Me,but the Heart clean and pure"!!So ponder upon this......be His Heart and be His Arash.
Terima kasih Allah....raikan cinta.

In Us Is The Star And In The Star Is The SIRR)


Mama would like to make known to you my children,do not seek Allah from now on !!Allah is always present,therefore it is not us seeking Him.It would be a bit difficult to make everyone understand but have a sincere intention to feel His presence because He is closer to us then the jugular vein in us.Embrace His Love,be for Him to spread His love,for Him to see it through us.Terima kasih,Allah...raikan cinta.