Since I came to know that one of my kids is interested and has this aspiration/himma,wanting to know more of her inner self, I would rather put forth my knowledge and experienced together in their account.Bless the one who are given this urge and yearning to know oneself.I love you Allah  for holding me steadfast in my vision ~ seeing,feeling,hearing The One Alone.
My children,mama would always lend you my hand with the assist of Allah to guide you (if Allah is willing ~ all of you) to Him.We are,forever in the making,so never be content in whatever we received,until we see Him in everything ~ insyaallah. Allahumma sholli aalla,syaidinaa muhammad cos all these ilmi is kept savely and secret in him.Seek Mhmd in you and the path unveiled.
The time now isn't for the One alone to speak of Himself.Things would be too difficult for you to understand ( to think with your mind without the presence of the heart) for at this stage (the One alone) you would need the vision of the third eye. Step by step,stages to stages, and if your heart is sincere to be with Him  all the way, you would realize that you are working for Him,only Him......spreading His love.Then between you and Him is nothing but the Only...One Alone.

Terima kasih Allah (Alhamdullillah)..Raikan Cinta.



Now it's time for us to seek the True Self,since all this while,I had been mentioning about , is ~ Love.We are convinced that His love created this world,with His love in us,do we receive all the positive outcome in life.Spread love,share love and all things out of love.Do we for once question ourselves, to whom does this love belongs? It's given to us, and our soul is dressed with His love.So, if love is given,find the Giver,the Owner!! Don't ever rely just on His love, but seek Allah, owner of this love and owner of mankind, for He's the Creator !!
 It's His love,we're receiving and through Him,everything is made possible. Thanks Him....alhamdullillah,do everything for the sake of His Love.....bismilahirahmanirahiim.Without  His blessing, nothing righteous could be done......laa haula wala huata illa billa hill alieyil azhiim.Give back the love we've borrowed but instead, be close to the Owner.Place Him in the heart,and make the heart cleaned and purified, for the heart is the throne (Arash) of our Creator.When he sits in the heart,we would notice Him in every actions we made.We see with His eyes,speak word of His speach,listen with His ears and hear only His words....and we have come in sight of the Truth,beholding His beauty.We return to the origin, to the cause and only His Love yearning in our heart.This is the greatest gift for mankind,the possibility to see the truth.Allah created us in order that we know Him,so that we might reach His Essence, the True Self ~ Haqq !!

Terima kasih Allah (receive love from Allah)......raikan cinta (celebrate His Love).



How could we get into this state of nothingness when all we see is human with multiple races,faith and characters.If we consider ourselves as material being,then these are what we see.In the appearance of material being,each person is different.In our spiritual being, hidden within ourselves, is the divine wisdom (unity of the causal mind,home of the soul).The cause of this multiplicity is the Ego.Oppose the wrong desires, abandon all falsehood and act upon the truth.Be like a child reborn, not yet soiled with worldly sins,pure, free from heedlessness,egotism and doubt.
The true man is able to change because he is connected to the creator and he is the representative of humanity.No veil,no hindrance between his being and the essence of Allah.The intimate of Allah, is he who has brought himself to nothingness.

Terima kasih Allah....ku.raikan cintaMu ! 


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Yeaaaaaahhh...the big day,rush,rush, rush again....balik kampong !!End of hunger and thirst (HaHaHa),rush to get new clothing,busy,busy choosing, buying,sewing,busy baking cookies, cakes, not satisfied?....fill up the tables,we had fasted one month, right??Busy decorating....home sweet home!!!rushing booking tickets, rushing every where but never to rush on the road, you'll be ending up alone.......six feet underground.
Be still....for once!!!!.Come, let's celebrate this......the Victory of Rebirth !!!!The Joy of Seeing,the Joy of Knowing cos the Secrets Unveiled!!!
Wear the clothes of Taqwa,Iman and Islam, after the cleansing of the heart.Filled the Heart with only LOVE for it is gifted.Look through the eyes of Love, with love.Accept everybody as one.....sirratul RAHIIM (secrets of the Rahiim).Seek for that secret.....there's abundant.Salam and hug each other (between muhrims, ok),there's bonding, speak kind words..spread love..we're never short of love, and it's free.! That's Humility in Humanity ! Then return to Allah...unite with the Only, in solah. That's the big day....celebrated !!!

Only when the ego (everything else except love) is shattered,can one celebrate the Light (True self or as a Muslim~one who receive light) from within.(read my post on Deepavalli dated 3/11/2010.)
Raikan CINTA.......terima kasih Allah.


Fasting month is fast approaching...August.Abstain from eating, drinking,sexual activities from break of dawn till sunset.Not going to mention the scenario....yeah you know,the same scene at the bazaar ramadzan ~ rushing home from work,rushing to do the buying,cooking and to break the fast.Many who fast,gets only hunger and thirst,no other benefits.
Forget what our master the Prophet says ?One who fasts has two satisfactions,when he breaks his fast and the other is when he sees.The first satisfaction is the pleasure of eating after a day of fasting.The second satisfaction 'when he sees' is the greatest joy of seeing the truth,the meaning of fasting,with the secret eye of the heart !One too little are those who did the spiritual fasting,protecting the senses and thoughts from all that is unlawful ~ the opposites of love, such as back biting,hatred,greed even evils of the hands and tongues in hurting others.The slightest breach of that intention breaks the fast !!This is true fasting,continues and lasts throughout one's temporal and eternal life.It is the secret connection between us and the essence of Allah,the love of Allah.Then only is victory celebrated,Hari Raya (the big day),marking the end of the fast and the beginning of one's 'new birth'.......insyaallah.

Terima kasih Allah, Raikan cinta.