Since I came to know that one of my kids is interested and has this aspiration/himma,wanting to know more of her inner self, I would rather put forth my knowledge and experienced together in their account.Bless the one who are given this urge and yearning to know oneself.I love you Allah  for holding me steadfast in my vision ~ seeing,feeling,hearing The One Alone.
My children,mama would always lend you my hand with the assist of Allah to guide you (if Allah is willing ~ all of you) to Him.We are,forever in the making,so never be content in whatever we received,until we see Him in everything ~ insyaallah. Allahumma sholli aalla,syaidinaa muhammad cos all these ilmi is kept savely and secret in him.Seek Mhmd in you and the path unveiled.
The time now isn't for the One alone to speak of Himself.Things would be too difficult for you to understand ( to think with your mind without the presence of the heart) for at this stage (the One alone) you would need the vision of the third eye. Step by step,stages to stages, and if your heart is sincere to be with Him  all the way, you would realize that you are working for Him,only Him......spreading His love.Then between you and Him is nothing but the Only...One Alone.

Terima kasih Allah (Alhamdullillah)..Raikan Cinta.