This is a response to you my daughter~ Asmirda,who wishes to take the path of faith,hope,and love so that you might become complete and perfect as you was created.This mama wrote,is to guide you in what you should believe and what you should do in the beginning, before anything else.May Allah make you and mama successful in knowing the true way,finding it and being upon it.May He use us in actions that please Him and are done for His sake.For the beginning,the end and what is in between,and success in them all, belong only to Allah.Believe this my child,you must believe in the Oneness and Uniqueness of the One,who is before the before and after the after,and not associate with Him anything unbefitting, the purity of His Essence!!
Another matter of importance for one wishing to learn,is the belief that Allah is free from resemblance to anything visible or invisble in the creation.Any thought,word,quality or attribute, not corresponding to this principle (Nothing is like Him), is a falsehood ~ unworthy of the Divine.Seek no further than the fact that none resemble or are like Him ~ confirmed by the declaration of His messenger,who said "At the beginning was Allah,and none with Him."And this statement added ~ "It is now as it was."There is no better proof of the perfection of the Divine, who is self existent and whose existence is a necessity for the existence of all else.This is the foundation of faith.And believe in Allah's prophet,the message that he brought from the Divine Truth,and in Allah's order and justice.Mama will continue with this,....surely Allah is with the patient !!

Terima kasih Allah......raikan cinta.