How could we get into this state of nothingness when all we see is human with multiple races,faith and characters.If we consider ourselves as material being,then these are what we see.In the appearance of material being,each person is different.In our spiritual being, hidden within ourselves, is the divine wisdom (unity of the causal mind,home of the soul).The cause of this multiplicity is the Ego.Oppose the wrong desires, abandon all falsehood and act upon the truth.Be like a child reborn, not yet soiled with worldly sins,pure, free from heedlessness,egotism and doubt.
The true man is able to change because he is connected to the creator and he is the representative of humanity.No veil,no hindrance between his being and the essence of Allah.The intimate of Allah, is he who has brought himself to nothingness.

Terima kasih Allah....ku.raikan cintaMu !