Now it's time for us to seek the True Self,since all this while,I had been mentioning about , is ~ Love.We are convinced that His love created this world,with His love in us,do we receive all the positive outcome in life.Spread love,share love and all things out of love.Do we for once question ourselves, to whom does this love belongs? It's given to us, and our soul is dressed with His love.So, if love is given,find the Giver,the Owner!! Don't ever rely just on His love, but seek Allah, owner of this love and owner of mankind, for He's the Creator !!
 It's His love,we're receiving and through Him,everything is made possible. Thanks Him....alhamdullillah,do everything for the sake of His Love.....bismilahirahmanirahiim.Without  His blessing, nothing righteous could be done......laa haula wala huata illa billa hill alieyil azhiim.Give back the love we've borrowed but instead, be close to the Owner.Place Him in the heart,and make the heart cleaned and purified, for the heart is the throne (Arash) of our Creator.When he sits in the heart,we would notice Him in every actions we made.We see with His eyes,speak word of His speach,listen with His ears and hear only His words....and we have come in sight of the Truth,beholding His beauty.We return to the origin, to the cause and only His Love yearning in our heart.This is the greatest gift for mankind,the possibility to see the truth.Allah created us in order that we know Him,so that we might reach His Essence, the True Self ~ Haqq !!

Terima kasih Allah (receive love from Allah)......raikan cinta (celebrate His Love).